Open Meeting – January 30th 2020

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These will very much be dependant on what you, as the businesses, want to see the BID deliver, this will become clear as we progress through the consultation
If the BID is voted in then all businesses that are eligible and fall within the BID area will have to pay
The simple answer is, what ever you and your fellow businesses want it to be, but as an example, you will get year round promotion and support from an organisation run by you, accountable to you and representing you, outside of this the projects need to reflect your needs.
Ultimately it will be the BID board, based entirely on the feedback and decisions from you, the businesses, the projects will be developed during the consultation.
Revive & Thrive are the consultants engaged to help the Horsham Steering Group develop the BID for Horsham.
This is yet to be decided, but broadly the town centre area.
Out of 159 11 have not secured a second term, 92.6% have gone on to secure a second BID term (source: ‘A state-of-the-art review of Business Improvement districts in the UK’)
Many BIDs report changes in their environment across a number of factors
The names and biogs of the Steering group will be added to the website over the coming days
It is not simple to separate out, however, there is a healthy mix of both in Horsham and the BID regulations accounts for this 
The BID vote works on two counts, firstly a simple majority in favour (51% or above), secondly it needs the aggregate rateable value of those voting in favour to be grater than those voting against.
Yes, the levy is based on the occupier, if a business is empty the levy will fall back on the landlord/owner
Yes, the BID is based on a businesses rateable value, not the businesses rates paid.
The BID will focus on a number of initiatives, not just events, that said if the BID was able to increase the events and exposure to businesses in the town this would surely be a good thing
As part of the BID legislation the BID/Council will produce a set of baseline agreements that clearly sets out what the council is responsible for delivering to ensure anything the BID does is additional or new.
The Chamber of Commerce will not have the financial or lobbying power of a BID, but will be a strategic partner along with all other organisation’s to help ensure the viability of Horsham
The BID idea has been discussed for some time, however the timing was felt to be right now.
As we know data is vital to understand all aspects of how consumers use/don’t use our centres. Part of the BID remit will be to understand who is and who is not using the Town to better understand how to market/develop the town
If there is a majority vote in favour all eligible businesses in the BID area will need to pay the levy
Again, all eligible businesses will pay the levy if voted in, it is normal for the BID to set a lower threshold of rateable value, as below this it is not viable to collect the levy as collection costs can outweigh the levy
Very broadly speaking, a sum of £250, 000 per annum, that said this will very much depend on the area and levy percentage
If the steering group require specific skills/knowledge it is reasonable for them to invite individuals to attend meetings, but typically the steering group is made up of levy paying businesses
It is good practice for landlord/vendors to inform potential tenants however, more and more are now including this as part of their own due diligence
The BID model is very good at bringing organisations’ around the table, collaboration is vital for all to ensure a vibrant town centre, as many groups as possible will be consulted as part of the next round of consultations.
Horsham BID will cover a specific area in the Town Centre that will have specific projects, decided by you, the businesses, and will be funded you, the businesses, meaning it will be accountable to you. The relationship with the media and other organisations is key to collaboration and ensuring there is no duplication of effort.